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турецкая строительная компания ТЕКИНДЖЕ Construction company “TEKINCE” started its activity in 2009 as a young and progressive company. During many years company has gained practice and experience, sought to become the best in its field. The main objective of the company is to be honest, decent in work and with our customers. The company always strives to be a symbol of quality in the construction industry. The main objective of the organization is to provide residential and industrial buildings. For construction activity our company has all the necessary licenses and regulatory documentation. Modern technical facilities and a high level of training of our staff allows us to do all entire list of the construction works any level of complexity.

Turkish construction company “TEKINCE” ensures quality construction of facilities in terms established by the customer.



To honor taken commitments to each project, according to the contractual terms and be highly competitive with quality and honestly fulfilling customer cash investments. To be informed, winning the trust of customers. Become the most successful working very productively. Take deliberate decisions. To do well, try to do even better meeting a tight schedule. Improve the competitiveness of quality and prices. Inculcate team spirit and show respect for the work of all employees. Show enthusiasm in our work. To share experiences and accept criticism. Show maximum respect for people and nature. Awake respect for the company’s name and it’s reputation.


Striving to be a company that is proud of the fact that she owns a competitive force on global and international scale, which has won customers loyalty and that is also developing steadily and does not depend on the change of generations. It is necessary to develop our activities, gaining respect for our trademark and increasing credibility. Striving to be a company that performs high-quality and more reliable designs, gaining and picking up the company’s name and reputation.


To be a leader, holding the main strategy of “the best”, where all the power will be directed on work with clients. To provide all necessary services as part of our accumulated knowledge, with the participation of qualified professionals and with the use of modern technologies. We have to look forward, keeping the main principles, clearing our way from any short-term actions and tracking technological changes to create a fast working environment. Acting in our work with understanding that profitability depends on the quality, which is winning over a long period of time. The main criteria are professional ethics, honesty, moral values.