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Many of us have faced with the desire to have our own house and dreamed about your island of comfort and happiness. Perhaps it could be called a natural instinct that is inherent in all animal beings and, of course, in man. That is why we all strive to meet this wish and to live in that place, which we imagine in our dreams. However, it is all dreams, and we have to move to a practice where you need to start with the project, as dreams are also kind of project. Moreover, all the dreams you need to capture on paper. What is needed to implement your plan? First, we need to determine what is the best to use in construction. If you are a supporter of traditional, proven ceramic, we can pick up a brick house, and for fans of the new technologies there are various designs of frame houses. Many factors, that affect the durability, cost and energy efficiency of future construction depends on the used materials. For example, the house made ​​of bricks have a lot of popularity because of the century-proven strength, durability and beauty of construction. Nowadays, houses of aerated concrete are very popular, as the technology of construction of such homes combines quality, lightness of the material, excellent thermal insulation and a high degree of strength. Therefore, the material, which will be used in the construction of the house, affects the design roof, load, foundation and the coming costs of operation. Everything is interconnected and affect each other. It is very important to have an overall picture of the house with all the necessary calculations on paper. More and more important and popular becomes an individual design of houses on the territory of Russia and other CIS countries. People particularly interested in this type of construction when it is connected with the global architectural, structural changes in existing projects or else due to the radically new individual solutions. Our company has a permanent staff of qualified professionals who are able to easily implement all customer needs. At the stage of the architectural design, it is possible to estimate 3Dmodel for future building, which in the result will be an excellent visualization on the cover of the final working draft.